I received a call from Eloan. How do I know it wasn’t Eloan calling? Eloan will never call you about a pre-approved loan or to request funds up front.

Also, never provide any sensitive personal information (bank account numbers, PINs or passwords, social security number, credit card information, etc.) to anyone calling you over the phone purporting to be from ELoan. ELoan will never call you to solicit or request such information over the phone.


Should I call the Credit Bureau in case I have been a victim of a fraud scam?

Yes, this is a good step to take to avoid any possibility of the fraudster opening an account in your name with the information gained from. The phone number for the major credit bureaus are: Equifax: +1 (866) 349-5191, TransUnion: +1 (888) 909-8872.

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